Tasting The Lost Explorer Mezcal

Tasting The Lost Explorer Mezcal

As you may well know, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo this year, we're collaborating with our good friends at The Lost Explorer Mezcal.

They produce three award-winning handcrafted Mezcals, which highlight the diversity of the agave plant and the effect of terroir. Each bottle has been designed to educate the consumer as much as possible. Working alongside Mexican designers and suppliers, they were able to create bespoke bottles made from more than 50% recycled crystal scraps. They aim to be as sustainable as possible, whether it's replanting at least 3 agaves for every plant used, upcycling their agave waste from the production process or giving back to communities in Oaxaca, where the spirit is produced. They're always thinking about how to push beyond conventional thinking to have a sustainable impact on the planet.

The 3 expressions in their Mezcal portfolio each bring a unique and bold flavour profile to the forefront of both your tastebuds and nose.


Espadín is made with the agave angustifolia plant at around 8 years of age. The aim of this spirit was for the flavour of the agave to be the dominant flavour and not lost by smoke. The approachable, welcoming aroma of Espadín will instantly transport you to the arid valleys of San Pablo Huixtepec it grows. The sweet smoke rests gently on the roof of your mouth before giving way to a gentle, lingering finish that caresses the mouth in an even warmth. Expect aroma notes of fresh herbs with hints of wood and tasting notes of chopped agave mesquite, sweet red apple and ripe fruits.


Tobalá, using agave potatorum of around 10 years of age, is a more earthy expression. A cozy aroma of dry tobacco, wood and cocoa gives way to subtle vanilla notes on the palate, ultimately with leather and clay notes being reminiscent of characteristics found in a fine scotch. A smooth and earthy finish carries hints of citrus and fresh spring grass.


The most herbaceous expression of all, Salmiana is made using the agave salmiana agave plant at around 12 years of age. On the nose, Salmiana expresses fresh green chili, vibrant grapefruit peel and agave after a rainfall. The citrus notes carry onto the palate with a sweet tint of dried herbs that lead to a spicy finish with even minerality.

So why do we use The Lost Explorer Espadin in our Mezcal Mirror Margarita?

The award-winning Espadin, with its well balanced sweet and herbaceous notes present a unique base for a super fresh and delicate margarita with the delicious hint of smoke adding another layer of depth to our famous signature serve.

Expertly mixed with cane syrup, Kaffir lime, eucalyptus and a touch of salt to finish, to create a smoky yet delicious twist on the classic Mirror Margarita.

You can now try a Mezcal Mirror Margarita and The Lost Explorer Espadin together when purchasing our Cinco de Mayo gift set here.